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Dragonslayer Webmaster

The Making of a Dragonslayer

First we pick out your choice pieces of wood. In this case it would be Mahogany, and Brazilian Rosewood stringers glued together.


Resurrected Dragonslayer. You just rest your neck.....son.....hehehehehe!


We then set your custom fit, all handmade from extruded high quality steel Trussrod snug into the neck pocket. Next we glue on the wings so you can fly to the Son.


Then we rough out your outline as close to the finish shape as we can get it. Now it's off to black Carbon Fibre land where life is beautiful all the time!


As you can see the Dragonslayer has just returned from Carbon Fibre Hell! And those edges are as sharp as Hell too! A little DNA all over the Dragonslayer never hurt anybody......Hehehehehe


Here we go with those traditional Dragonslayer contours. We're talking Ergonomic comfort here.




& Back

Yeah, I had a bad hair day....so what! If you just returned from Carbon Fibre Hell you would have a nice smile on your mug shot.....huh?

Ok, so now it's off to the beautiful Rosewood Fingerboard city of Brazil.