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Guitars for Rock & Metal

Theatre 1 Presents

The Dragonslayer Series

Theatre 1N Presents

The Netherworld Dragonslayer Series

Theatre 2 GRD Presents

The Great Red Dragon

Theatre 3 Presents

The Slaughter Series

Theatre 4 Presents

The Dungeonmaster Series

Theatre 6 Presents

The Pheonix "v" Series

Theatre 6R Presents

The Phoenix "v" Resurrected Series

Theatre 7 presents

The Destroyer Series

Theatre 8 presents

The Guillotine Series

Thearre 9 presents

The New Exploder Series


Vintage Series Guitars

Theatre 2 Presents

The Vintage Series SSP

Theatre 5 Presents

The Vintage Series SSG



Theatre 1B Presents

The Dragonslayer Bass

Theatre 3B Presents

The Slaughter Bass

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