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Choice #2) The Payment Installment Plan Starts Here

The First Downpayment & Balance Configurations

If you do not wish to pay your order in full upfront, then you can use our Payment Installment Plan. Simply choose a Balance Due Amount, and then subtract it Below. Here is how this works! There are Three Easy Steps to follow.

Step1 is to Shop for your parts.

Step2 is where you configure the payment you want to make today by subtracting your choice of balance payment from your Shopping Cart total. This will leave a simple sub total in your Shopping Cart for today's payment in the Final Checkout.

Step3 is where you will return at a later date to make your Installment Payments, and pay off any balance that is owed. It's that simple.

All others can submit a Downpayment using a Check, Money Order, EFT, or Wire Transfer at their final Checkout!

Just follow these Three Easy Steps for a Flawless Transaction

Step1) Shop!

You have already placed all your items into your Shopping Cart!

If you haven't completed this step then please go back, fill up your Cart, and then return for Step 2

Step2) Configure your first Downpayment!

Here is where you will configure the Shopping Cart for your first Downpayment and Balance due!

You already know your total from the Shopping Cart, so please choose any Balance Due in the box below. This will be the amount you will pay off at a later date! You can adjust this total to whatever you want your final Balance to be. Do Not Forget to include the minus sign (-) in the box below, so the Shopping Cart can subtract this amount from your subtotal. Keep in mind that today, you will need to pay a Minimum Downpayment of $599.00 or more on any custom guitar order.

For example; Let's say your Shopping Cart total were to come to $2599.00, and you wanted to only pay the minimum today of $599.00 to get your order processed & started! You will then simply insert the total of -2000.00 in the box below. This tells the Shopping Cart that you want to subtract $2000.00 from the total that you plan to pay today. When the Shopping Cart sees this, it automatically sets your total for today's Downpayment at $599.00 on your final checkout for the day. Your receipt will reflect the proper balance amount owed accordingly.

After submitting your Downpayment, you will still need to Checkout and complete your Secure Credit Card transaction, or other financial arrangement. This will get your Order Processed and Started immediately!

(Important Note: When you proceed to the final Secure Online Checkout you will need to fill out all the Name and Info page in order for us to know who you are. At this point you should receive an Invoice* with all your Order Details, Credits, and Balance Due. Orders outside the USA will receive a shipping amount after the address is confirmed. This will be saved in our records for Order identification purposes only! )

*If for any reason you do not receive your Invoice, then please return to the Shopping Cart Checkout page, and this time choose Pay By Check. This will guarantee an Invoice sent to you, and you can always return and change it to a Credit Card payment in Step 3, as well as when you pay the Balance.

Installment Plans & Balances Paid Here

Step3) Installments & Balance Payments!

You MUST return Here to Pay your Balance before your order will be shipped!

~If you are returning because you are on the Payment Installment Plan, then submit your installment payments Here.

~If you are returning because you have already paid the Downpayment, and your order has been confirmed ready for shipment, then Balances are to be submitted Here.

~All other direct Payment Arrangements are also to be taken care of in this section!

After final payment approval, your order will be shipped immediately upon the next business day.

Do Not include the minus sign (-) in the box here in Step 3, since this is a direct payment that doesn't involve the Shopping Cart, you will be directed straight to the secure payment page.

Enter the amount in this Box:

Buyer pays for all shipping and insurance costs. If you have any questions feel free to send an email. Serious inquiries will receive a prompt reply. The shipping and insurance cost will be calculated as soon as we receive your mailing address. Payment must be made in full before the item is shipped. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. All items sold are exactly as indicated. There is now a 7 day money back return policy minus a 25% restocking fee. So please ask all questions before making your final decision to purchase anything. Neither Stallings USA, it's employees, nor it's affiliates will be held responsible for buyer dissatisfaction. Therefore choose wisely!