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Scarlet Red started out as a garage band in 1990. At that time the lineup consisted of the founders Spirit of throat destruction, & BlisterD aka; Danny of death defying mosh pit guitar lightning for the ears. John stoner drum madness was added later along with Jeff of the bassist sort.

Since Danny's grandma owned Trojan Studios throughout the 90's, we were able to play there whenever we wanted to for free. And of coarse when your grandma owns the studio, you get the Showcase room as long as it's not booked at the time. And trust me when I say that we were there as much as possible. It makes it a bit easier on the pocketbook when you have privaledges like that. But some people never appreciate anything, and that is why they are the losers.

We eventually lost John when he took a trip to Fiji, cut his foot on the coral reef, and tried to skip out on paying the doctor bill. So they wouldn't let him out of the country until he worked off his tab. We didn't see him again for like 5 years. He simply vanished into his stoned world of smoke. Then came along Jeff no meter on drums. It took two years to get him to learn 5 songs completely through, and he still couldn't get it right. Dude, you really gotta quit smoking that stuff if you can't remember 5 songs! Anyhow, he finally packed up his piece of $#!+, out of tune, poor excuse of a drum kit & left. Then came along drummer after drummer after drummer, until we fired them all and brought in the DR to do our demo. He has always shown up, and never complains...hehehe.

We lost our bassist Jeff after he loaned out his amp & the guy blew it up without reimbursing him for it. Here you go dude, thanks for the loan! Lesson ..1 NEVER LOAN OUT YOUR EQUIPMENT TO ANYBODY UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE IT TO THEM. Jeff never did recover from that episode, so we never saw him again.

But then came Kurt thunder mouth aka; Schnock, who talked crap on everyone. Nobody was off limits from being targeted by this smack talking dude. He was actually a kool guy once you got to know him. And a great bass player who owned his own recording studio called Preferred Audio, where Korn recorded their first album or demo or whatever it was they were working on at the time. Really nice guys, kinda creepy, but really nice. Kurt stayed with us for almost a year but finally moved down the road when his studio closed it's doors. Haven't seen him for quite awhile!

Ok, about Genres of Musica! We don't know what to call ourselves since we are in a class all it's own. We have survived the days of Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Gloom, Doom, and whatever hard music has ever been. We have never even considered selling out or doing anything other than hard music. There will always be those hardcore individuals that will think that nothing is hard enough for their taste. But we don't cater to that mentality. We have been around long enough to see it all come & go, and then do the full circle again. Metal is rising again, as I have always believed it would. And there is nothing new under the sun!

Spirit has taken vocal lessons since the first throat bleeding session way back in the 90's. So now he is known to be more like Spirit of the Opera. Hey, just a side note for all you throaters out there, Scarlet Red was doing that crap way back in 1990. We have the rehearsal studio tapes to prove it too. And now that everyone else is throating it, Spirit has a style all his own, setting Scarlet Red apart from all the throat bands. Committed to never selling out, we still have the lightning fast music, along with some added thump & groove. We also slow it down to heavy doom & gloom when the song calls for it. Something has to be said about a song that sticks in your head the whole next day whether you want it to or not! A haunting phantom of the opera combination of lyrical madness that makes chills go up & down your spine, or is it, makes you sick to your stomach, not quite sure which one...hehehehe.

Well eventually Metal took a dump in the 90's after KNAC went off the air here in SoCal. And it was hard to get musicians onboard since everyone kinda lost the heart for playing Metal. Danny got involved with his family issues and drifted from the band. So, Spirit took the reigns and picked up the guitar. By the year 2000, Spirit began an apprenticeship at a well known Guitar Repair shop in Orange County, and brought Danny along. With a new arsenal of Guitar weaponry, Spirit and BlisterD continued with the recording project during these silent years.

2002 finally brought us to the actual recording of the Spiritus Demo. After 10 years of scrimping & saving, buying and selling equipment, you get to know what pretty much works & what doesn't work for you. And after taking a few losses on your investments, you start to change your attitude about buying something that so & so supposedly plays onstage. Don't let 'em fool you, the equipment that the big boys use is usually nothing like you buy at your local music store. Those amps you see onstage have been modded to the max! And trust me when I say that those cabinets have been re-loaded with something other than you think is in them. And that wall of Marshalls behind the band is usually a dummy stack. Unless of coarse we are talking about Slayer! And just because it's new doesn't mean it is the best. In fact we have found that the older stuff is way better, and cheaper on the pocketbook. They really made good equipment for Metal in the peak years of the 80's & 90's.

So, with the DR we set out to record our very first real demo. Spirit finally picked up his guitar and decided to compose most of the material currently found on our demo. And Danny agreed to make his mark before officially leaving the band. His guitar playing was superb on this project, and his signature sound adds a tasty edge to each song. So in collaboration together you will find the material on the Spiritus Demo to be a work of interesting ear candy.

2006 brought us to a new level of achievment as Hector joined up with the band on drums. Formerly known as Satan, we have dubbed him Helltor. This guy can really beat those skins. You know he is working it by the fact that he chews through sticks like a beaver. Or is it because he hits too many rim shots...hehehe! His work is superb and you should be able to hear his tastey addition to our music on the forthcoming CD "Prophetic Utterances" which will hopefully be out sometime during this coming 2008.

2007 has brought us through to the point of playing live shows. We have tried out several bass players this year, yet we just couldn't get the right match. Heavy had a short stay of 6 months, but has now left the band due to what we would term as artistic differences and personal issues. He's a really likable guy, there are no bad feelings here, and we hope to remain friends.

Side note for all the wannabe rock stars: Dude, for future reference, keep your shirt on at a gig! It isn't pretty, and that scene is really getting old. Just because your girlfriend likes it, doesn't mean that anyone else at the gig does! We aren't living in the 80's Hollywood rock star scene anymore! The world of metal is way bigger than that. This is a new era, and the metal music scene has changed. Ricky Rackman was fired from MTV in the 90's, so good luck with that because Headbangers Ball was over a long time ago. So step into future! And if you want to move forward, we suggest that you get rid of that piece of crap excuse for a rig. Start investing in some real equipment instead of wasting your money. And if the future band you are playing with tells you that it sounds like crap, listen to them, they just might know what they are talking about. Unless you're Yngwe (which you're not), a band is supposed to be a team, not a one man show. And just a suggestion here, but "just say no to drugs." Otherwise, if you continue in that direction, the future is gonna pass you by, and you may become nothing more than an extinct homeless dinasaur with crappy equipment living out of a broken down van for the remainder of your life.

With that said, we as a band want to learn from our mistakes. If that means letting go of an anchor that is keeping us tied down, then so be it. Life is short and it's time to move on! As a result, we now have a real thunder thumping bass player named German, who we are hoping to bring with us far into the future.

The theme here for 2008 and beyond, is "brotherhood". If there is anything that we have learned it is this; The success of a band staying together, is the ability to accept diversity. That is what gives Scarlet Red a unique overall sound. We are all from different backgrounds and life experiences. When you have known one another for a period of time, and you grow as a band, you get past all that. You give one another their space, learn to cope with the issues, and simply do your job in the band. The love for metal, loyalty, and brotherhood is what keeps us together through it all.

As of the writing of this, since Blister D has left the band due to family issues, we are still holding auditions for a second guitar player. Our wish is to add smoking lead guitar to the music. At this point, this is the only thing lacking to make us multi-dimensional and able to blend the rhythms of two guitarists into thunder from the sky. We really do hope to see you at a gig, so feel free to come up and say hi.

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