Our Vintage Series guitars come in two different flavor variations. We do have some guitars that are toned down to a more traditional look and feel with a few old school headstock variations. But in the beginning we only offered the traditional body designs with our Dragonslayer 3x3 headstock or the Blade 6 on a side headstock. So, as we update the site we will offer pictures of the newer variations as they become available. In the meantime, please enjoy the original configurations found in the galleries below.

As is the case with our Slimline guitar option, you may find that the Vintage Series logo may or may not appear on the headstocks. In the beginning, we had triple flame logo, but it was later changed to the large "V"intage Series logo posted above. Some Vintage Series guitars were even made without the logo on it at all. But don't worry, if it says Vintage Series in the listing, it is a genuine Vintage Series guitar.



Vintage Series SSP

Vintage Series SSG