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Our Custom Shop is the place to be!


We lift beautiful heavy metal around here....hurry up dude....click the picture already.....hehehehe


Ok...so we didn't really go to Brazil, but somebody did and that's where this Rosewood originated. 24 fret Fingerboard cut to size, slotted, and strategically glued securely into place.


Those contours have to be hand sanded to perfection. No CNC popouts here!


Flat sanding the flat surfaces gets everything looking really nice and professional.


Now for the radius of the fretboard. This is where we really work up a good sweat getting everything nice and straight for those lightning fast metal grinds.


A nicely radiused fretboard brings out the beauty of that Brazilian Rosewood.


And there you go! After a bit of blood, sweat, elbow grease, and a few Snickers® bars, you now have the neck completely finished so that it fits snugly into your hand like a glove. The fretboard is radiused. And, all the bare wood and contours are sanded to perfection, so now it's off to the next step in the process.

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