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Our Custom Shop is the place to be!


Here we hand pick the Pearl blanks for the Inlay work.


They are then cut to size and placed into their appropriate positions.


After they are traced onto the fretboard, we route out the holes accordingly. Here is where it gets a little tricky. Just one little sneeze and it's........ooops!


The Inlays are then slipped into their sockets, cemented into place, & after the cement dries, sanded down flush to the fretboard radius.


Now that we have that all finished, we need to fine sand the rest of the body and get all the scratches out. It is here that we get it ready for that killer finish work that will be applied later on in the process.


And here you have it, all the bare wood is nice and sanded smooth.


Now that's some killer looking inlays, and a killer T-shirt too. Now it's on to the next phase of the Dragonslayer guitar building world.

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