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Note: We are a guitar Custom Shop that specializes in guitars and basses Made in the USA, Custom Shop Guitars, Exotic Woods, The finest materials on the market, hand tooled precision, and Luthier expertise. Stallings USA, and Dragonslayer Guitars provide our customers with a range of products and services such as custom shop guitars, clothing,electric guitar service and repair. We build hollow body guitars as well as solid bodies, and our specialty is neck through body styles. We also do bolt on necks and set neck construction. We use exotic woods such as mahogany, quilted maple, flamed maple, ash, rosewood, ebony, redwood, and others. We use authentic nitrocellulose lacquer in our finish paint process. Our inlay work is hand made from real pearl and abalone. Our hardware includes Floyd Rose, Kahler, Seymour Duncan, EMG, Gotoh, Schaller, and Grover. We are also a Guitar Service, Repair, and Setup center specializing in acoustic and electric guitars! We are a Certified Gibson Service Center. We service Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, BC Rich, PRS guitars, ESP guitars, Jackson guitars, and all other electric guitars and basses. We are located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA, down the road from Guitar Center in Fountain Valley.





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About Stallings USA Guitars

Our History

Stallings USA came about in the year 2000 at the turn of the century.

We are a very small guitar company that saw the need to produce high quality hand made musical instruments for those who like to play Blues, Rock, Metal, and Death Metal, as well as a few styles not mentioned. We saw that the industry has been flooded with cheap CNC computer popout guitars & basses. In essence, this has almost killed the art of guitar making as well as the industry itself. It has moved from the category of an artform, into the market of money hungry greed. In order to make the cheapest guitars for competition, they are made offshore, imported, and these almost always are made of inferior materials & workmanship. This only computes into big money for them, and bad tone for you. In essence, the major guitar industry has lost it's soul.

So, we decided to start this company. Our goal is to put the Soul back into Blues & Rock, & put the Heavy back into Metal. We do not make cheap popout guitars here. If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong place. We make fine quality instruments for real players who want to rock. If this is you, then welcome aboard. We look forward to serving you!


Building a Guitar by Hand

This is a step by step process of building a guitar the Stallings USA way. Here is where you can see the process in action. Many steps in this process have evolved since the early days when these photos were originally taken. But you can still see the basics of a guitar build from start to finish! Click on the link to get started.


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